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All Guilds Meeting - July 2013

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We're in the middle of summer, and the latest All Guilds Meeting has come and gone...very quickly, in fact!  Here's our raw and cleansed chatlogs, plus a summary of the (brief) proceedings.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas presented for the GoW.  The bulk of fixes the Guild has been working on for Gehn.17 have dealt with lag in the game.  The changes they're going to implement will increase speed about 20% and, strangely enough, improves with more avatars present in an Age.  They're planning on another event to push the server to its limit and gather more information.  We'll have details on that when they develop.

Guild of Messengers

Doobes, along with GoMeMusica, Samoth and GoMe Photographer, came up next for the GoMe.  He reiterated that the release of URU2U, Episode 2 is imminent.  He also mentioned a "remodeling" of the Guild of Messengers' Pub, similar to what is being discussed for the GoW's Pub here, into something more original.  Screenshots of the development can be seen here.  The Guild, as always, offered any interested parties to either join the Guild itself and/or any of the various projects that are in progress.


To finish out the short meeting was a newcomer to the AGM, KathAveara. She took the time to make a brief announcement of a new Guild she's been working on for awhile.  She will be on vacation for a couple of months, but will be back to make a full announcement at September's AGM.


And that's this month's latest.  The CAVCON in June finished out at 2.6, while the current reading, as of 7/3/13, is resting at 2.0.  Keep up the donations!

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